Pondok Taruna Orphanage is a strictly christian non-profit organisation home to 120 children, which was established in 1993. The children come from all sorts of backgrounds and tribes, and the age group ranges from 1 month to 23 years. Half of the school-aged children are live-in, but the tuition fee is also free for the children who don’t stay in the orphanage.


Ibu Anna

15 staff members who are from all over Indonesia run the orphanage. They are live-in full-time volunteer social workers aged 25 and above. They don’t have a head, they lead the orphanage as a team. They have no salary, they stay and eat in the orphanage. Ibu Anna, who has worked in the orphanage for 16 years, says; “We believe in God, and God will take care of us”.  Her hopes for the children, is that they will be successful, and be useful for the future of the nation.

The first major donation which contributed towards building the orphanage  was placed by a group of Singaporean people. The orphanage is now funded by a group from the JICF church. The donations come in every month.

Pondok Taruna orphanage has 2 branches, one in Tangerang and one in Lampung, but the latter is too difficult to manage and maintain, so it’s not in use. The children from that orphanage stay in Tangerang.